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Our Primary Mission:
  At Midnite Express, we understand the true needs of the hospitality industry, which is why we strive to make marked improvements in this arena. This is our mission...

Company Overview
  Midnite Express is a software and services provider specializing in specific hospitality solutions, specifically POS integration software, or middle-ware. MXpress's products currently fully support the Microsoft Windows® operating system platforms. Our flagship product, SlipStream, is a transaction processing middleware application designed with a fair amount of flexibility with no compromise in security.

Focused Product Line:
  With over 30 years combined experience in this industry, our team definitely knows what will work and what will not. Founding team members experience includes: Extensive software development in private and retail channels, in-field technical POS installation, configuration, support and training.  Restaurant ownership and management provides extensive input testing for our own product lines!  Our team consists of a perfect blend of technical and restaurant backgrounds making for the perfect recipe!


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